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You have a website? Great!
It's time to transform it into an amazing Android App and get more leads and clients. I will transform your website into an Android App and upload it on the Google Play.

"Guy is the best freelancer to date that i have ever worked with. Extremely dedicated great communication and the end result is amazing! Has played a huge part to building my business and getting it ready to launch. Thanks again Guy much more work together in the future! Regards Daniel Jenkins www.createmycase.co.uk"

Daniel Jenkins

"Awesome service and perfect interpretation of my requested. Communication was quick and they had no problems fixing a mistake I'd made. 5-star highly recommended, will use again."


We're gambling on our vision, and we would rather do that than make "me too" products. Let some other companies do that.

Steve Jobs

The best way to promote your business

In 2014 the mobile's market was:
- 1,301 billion of smartphones sales
- 1,76 billion of users
- As much as a potential clients

Where was your Business App in 2014?

  • Your business is accessible from anywhere at anytime

    With your Android App, you'll be in touch with thousand of people. Each of them is a potential client!

  • Be visible to the whole world

    What is the primary thing you do when you are somewhere for the first time?
    A new place, a new country...
    You are looking for "Informations"!
    How is the best way to find any information anywhere at anytime?
    Your mobile phone of course!

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This is what you will get

A passion for design, combined with the best technology, delivers the right features to you, working better than ever.
Your Website Turned Into An Amazing Android App

They are already in

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What you will get:

  • The logo of your business as Icon's App
  • Retina Design Ready
  • An Android App connected to your website
  • Screenshots and description for the Google Play Market
  • A QR code to share with all your clients and marketing tools
  • Your App ready on the Google Play in only 48H

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